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  • Muscovite Mica Pipe
Muscovite Mica Pipe

Muscovite Mica Pipe

Goldenmica is a Chinese manufacturer and distributor of mica insulation materials. Our range of mica insulators are mica sheet,mica pipe,mica plate,fabricated mica parts,etc.

Mica Pipe
There are two types of mica minerals, muscovite and phlogopite. We can provide it in rigid or flexible sheets style, depending on the purpose for which you intend to use them. Standard dimensions are 1000x600mm,1000 x 1200mm or 1000 x 2400mm. Generally, the plate structure of mica makes it have excellent insulation, electrical and chemical resistance. These properties are particularly useful when mica is used as a durable reinforcement.

Muscovite & Phlogopite Mica Pipe
Mica sheets used as electrical insulating materials include muscovite and phlogopite. Muscovite mica sheet has glass luster, generally colorless and transparent; Phlogopite mica sheet has metallic luster and semi metallic luster, the common ones are golden yellow, brown, light green and so on, with poor transparency.

Muscovite and phlogopite mica have good electrical and mechanical properties, good heat resistance, chemical stability and corona resistance. Both can be peeled and processed into soft and elastic sheets with a thickness of 0.01 to 0.03 mm. Muscovite mica sheet has better electrical properties than phlogopite, while phlogopite mica sheet is soft and has better heat resistance than muscovite.

Mica Sheet For Indusyrial Furnace and Home Applicances
Produced as rectangular board and sheet, rigid Mica sheets have several key applications, from industrial furnaces to simple household appliances. They are suitable for TV, power capacitor, thermal relay, monitoring display, aerospace, aviation, communication, radar, heat-resistant frame sheet, hairdryers, automatic toasters, tumble dryers and band heaters etc, as raw and auxiliary materials. Because their materials are natural mineral products, they have the characteristics of pollution-free, insulation and good voltage resistance. Rigid mica sheets of various specifications can be provided according to customer needs.

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