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About Us

GOLDEN MICA is a Chinese manufacturer and broadline distributor of mica-based insulation materials. We specialize in mica-based insulators for over 10 years, we have earned trust of companies in home appliances areas and STEEL AND FOUNDRY industries.,

We provide phlogopite and muscovite mica insulations tailored to customer’s need. Our range of products are:

      Fire Resistant Cable Tapes
      Mica Sheets
      Mica Plates
      Mica Tubes & Pipes
      Fabricated Mica Parts
      Phlogopite & Muscovite mica Mica Paper

Thanks to outstanding properties, GOLDEN MICA products are used in a variety of industrial applications such as:

•      Household Applicances...

in industrial and household appliances, electro-domestic appliances, electromechanical and thermomechanical in industrial processes (pressing, automotive,…)

•      Metal and Metallurgy Insustries,,,

In Foundries, Steel Melting Plants and Aluminium Smelters ( Intermediate frequency induction furnace, electric arc furnaces, aluminium electrolytic pots..)


About Us

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